Archaeological excavation in Northern Ireland

Archaeological excavation will ensure that any archaeological remains are properly processed and documented prior to development. The team at Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd are highly experienced in this area, bringing the knowledge you need for your project. Call us now for services in Northern Ireland.

Archaeological mitigation

After planning consent has been secured, there may be a requirement for archaeological mitigation works to offset the impact of the development. The extent of archaeological mitigating required by a local council authority will vary depending on the character of the archaeological site.

Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd‘s experienced team regularly deal with a full range of archaeological mitigation works. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results on schedule, provide regular and informed client communication and consultation, and a professional and impartial approach to ensure the cost-effective discharge of planning obligations.

We'll work around you

We work closely with our clients to ensure efficient programming of attendance to reduce costs and avoid delays to construction programmes.

Watching brief conditions are regularly attached to planning consents, especially where it is thought that archaeological remains of unknown importance may exist. An archaeologist will be needed to monitor intrusive groundworks, site stripping or demolition works requiring foundation removal onsite.

Archaeological excavation involves detailed investigation on sites that are known to be significant. Excavation would follow finding archaeology on a watching brief and would require a Written Scheme of Works agreed with our clients, the local council planners and the Northern Ireland Historic Environment Division. The Written Scheme of Works sets out the aims of the project and the methods of investigation and recording to be used to document the archaeological remains.

What happens next?

The results of the work are then analysed, and a detailed report prepared. Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd offers an efficient and professional approach to excavation, making the development process as easy as possible for our clients and ensuring effective targeting of investigations.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer the best solution for all parties and extract the most information possible by ensuring that resources are used in the most effective way. Get in touch to find out more.

Post excavation analysis

We can provide a prompt, reliable and cost-effective range of post-excavation services, including a variety of artefactual and environmental analyses. With our extensive post-excavation experience, we can provide a customer orientated service at very competitive rates across Northern Ireland.

NAC have a proven track record of delivering post excavation projects on time and within budget. We continue to successfully complete backlogged projects from third parties to successful conclusion, enabling the discharge of archaeological conditions for those developments where incomplete reports have caused problems.

An expert team

Our in-house specialists in Lithics, Pottery, and Brick provide detailed analysis on site artefactual discoveries. We have an extensive list of associated specialists that can be subcontracted to fulfil all of your analytical needs.

We have produced books, monographs, peer-reviewed journal articles and magazine articles from our vast array of excavations as well as those from third parties. These publications range from fully illustrated children’s books to archaeological coffee table books for adults, as well as academic articles.

Efficiency at all stages of the process

Our team provide a comprehensive soil processing facility providing the detailed analysis of deposits, biomaterials and artefacts. Our dedicated team ensures that following retrieval from site, archaeological samples are quickly processed and analysed ensuring a fast turnaround for our clients.

Archaeological excavation & Post Excavation Analysis in Northern Ireland

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