Desktop Assessment & Site Evaluation

Understanding how development might affect archaeological remains is a requirement of the planning process. Our experience in desktop assessments and site evaluation allows us to identify and provide guidance on archaeological issues at an early development stage. Call the team at Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd in Northern Ireland to find out more.

We can provide:

Desk-based Assessments in advance of land purchase

Archaeological Impact Assessments to support planning applications

Cultural Heritage Assessments and Chapters for Environmental Impact Statements

Archaeological Programmes and Schemes of Work

BH3 Archaeological Evaluations to inform planning decisions

Expert Witness for Planning Appeals

Advice on design solutions to archaeological issues identified by the desk-based assessment

Archaeological evaluation

Local council planning authorities can require an archaeological evaluation to clarify the extent, nature and the quality of archaeological remains on a proposed development site before granting planning consent. The phrase used would be along the lines of "Greater clarity would be provided with the results of an archaeological evaluation" and is requested as per Policy BH3 of PPS 6.’

Experts in our field

Evaluation techniques can include non-intrusive surveys such as field walking, topographical and geophysical surveys (rarely suitable in Northern Ireland). The most common technique would be mechanical or hand excavation of test trenches, to determine the presence or absence of buried archaeological remains and to determine their significance. Northern Archaeological Consultancy can carry out all necessary evaluation work for your project, using our extensive experience of both urban and rural projects across Northern Ireland, we will negotiate a suitable sampling strategy to give the most effective results within the shortest possible timeframe.

desktop assessment & site evaluation Services

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